What do the dolls feel like?

The dolls we sell are lifelike and extremely soft. It is the material of the doll, which gives our users realistic sexual experience.

What material is used to make the dolls?

All the dolls that we sell are made up of TPE, our secret recipe. We have found that this material is most realistic on the market with many other benefits over the regular silicon dolls. TPE is quite soft and cannot be broken down easily. Each doll is extremely durable, non toxic and can be easily stretched about 5.5 times off its original size without any defects and tears.

Why is TPE material safer and better than silicone?

TPE is soft, but hard to break down and while silicone is hard, but easily breakable by oils. Thus, TPE is more lifelike and durable than silicon.

Can cosmetics be used on dolls?

It is recommended to us powdered cosmetics on dolls to get pleasing effects. However, you can use other kinds of cosmetics as well.

Are the dolls flexible?

Our dolls are quite durable and flexible, enabling you to move their joints just like a real girl would.

How can the doll be cleaned?

You can clean the doll with anti bacterial soaps and mild detergents. You will have to remove the wig of your doll before cleaning its face. The doll’s face can be washed with warm water. And for cleaning the openings, a douche ball can be used with soap and warm water after use.

How to store a sex doll?

You should store your doll in neutral positions, avoiding any strains on joints, which can cause damages to the doll.

How does it feel to have sex with a doll?

Due to a unique dotted and ribbed insert at the doll’s vagina, you get an extremely intense feeling while having sex with the doll.

Can the hair of doll styled normally?

Yes, you can normally style the doll’s hair. You can even remove the doll’s hair for replacement or cleaning. You can use a metal brush for brushing your doll’s hair.

Do I need to take any precautions to bath with a doll?

No, all dolls we offer can withstand high temperature when soaked in water and offer a more natural feeling when warmed in bath, electric blanket or shower.

Can water fill in the doll?

No, all our dolls with full body are safe to bath or shower with since they aren’t hollow.

What type of lubricant can be used?

All types of lubricants are fine to be used with our dolls. Even oil based lubricants can be used with our dolls unlike silicone dolls. However, water based lubricants are recommended as they are simpler to clean.

Can my doll’s fingers close to grip things?

Yes, our dolls fingers can lightly grip on things and even hold the poses with objects.

Can the doll’s breasts be squeezed to form deeper cleavage?

Yes, you can but for this kind of movement, our big breasted dolls are the best.

Are the doll’s nipples visible through clothing?

Yes, they are as the doll’s nipples feel like real erected nipples which are easily visible through clothing.

Can I make my doll wear jewelry?

our dolls can wear almost all kinds of jewelry; however, you need to be careful to clean that jewelry after using a doll.

Can the doll’s nipples or ears be pierced?

Yes, the doll’s nipples and ears can be pierced without any problems.

Are tattoos or tan lines available?

Yes, we have a range of body art and tattoos available. Visit our order page or contact us if you need custom options.

Does the doll’s flesh have a flavor or odor?

Our dolls don’t have any flavor or odor; however, when you get a new doll, a slight fragrance may be there due to the manufacturing procedure, which may disappear after short time period.

How are your dolls different from that offered by other companies?

Many companies may offer dolls similar to ours in looks, but the manufacturing quality varies between companies. Our love dolls are realistic dolls, handcrafted to perfection. We greatly pride ourselves on high quality of our sex dolls production.

How to place an order for buying a doll?

Just visit our order page and place an order for the doll of your choice or design your doll and we will create a perfect doll for you.

How much time does production process takes?

Our production process generally takes 2 to 3 weeks as our dolls are custom made according to your specifications. The package is then handed over for delivery, which generally takes around 7 to 10 business days.

For quick orders, we have an Express Shipping option under which we can create and deliver the doll within 1 to 2 weeks to you.

Is there a facility to order extra wigs?

Yes, contact us for latest wig options.

Can hair wigs be ordered with dolls?

Yes, of course. Just contact us for details and more options.

Can extra head be added with an order?

Yes, just select the head you’d like to order from our list and add that to your order.

Note: You can only choose a head which fits your body type.

Can I order customized hairstyles?

If you’ve a specific hairstyle in mind, feel free to provide us a photo through email and we can supply that style for you surely.

Can I order customized skin tone?

Of course, you can contact us with your specific requirement and we will do the color match.

Can I order customized nail colors?

If you are looking for a specific nail color for your doll, we will do the color match if you email us your requirement.

Is there any discount on order of 2 dolls or more?

Yes, if you order 2 or more dolls, we offer discounts. In case of first time order with us, you can email us and we’ll send you discount code. However, if you’ve ordered before also with us, then you’ll definitely have a discount coupon sent by us in your email for next order.

Is there any special offer on accessories?

Of course, for latest offers, visit our order page. You can also register for our newsletter to get special discount codes and offers when they are available.

Can I order any fetish outfits with my sex doll?

Yes, we offer a variety of fetish outfits, but not on order page. Just contact us for options.

What upgrades are available with the dolls?

Doll’s bum, fingers, joints, hair and breasts can be upgraded. Contact us for latest upgrades.

Can you make fantasy dolls?

Yes, just email us your ideas and we will quickly work on your ideas to get you the perfect fantasy doll.

Are returns accepted?

No, we don’t accept returns. All the sales are final because of the product’s nature.

I have found similar doll on other website, but I want you to make it, can you match the prices?

Yes, you can contact us and we’ll do our best possible to beat the prices.

How are payment accepted for International orders?

We accept payments for international orders by:



Is my purchase on your website secure?

We take security of our client’s financial and personal information very seriously. We use high tech, secure SSL Encrypted Payments Gateway so that all your details remain 100 percent secure.

Will my purchase of doll reflect in my bank statement?

Your privacy is highly respected by us and nothing like “DOLLS” will be reflected on bank statement.

How much time will my sex doll take to come?

We will take generally about 3 weeks to deliver your doll after you make the payment.

If you want the doll quickly, just choose our Express Shipping option and your doll will be delivered with a week or two.

Do I need to pay import taxes, duties and customs?

Customs duties, applicable taxes and fees are applicable by destination country, so we have no control on incurred tax charges. Therefore, you’ll have to pay necessary taxes to get the doll.

How discreet is the dolls packaging?

We know that discretion is important so the doll is shipped in a very discreet way in plain packing without any indications about its content.

How are gifts and accessories shipped?

All gifts and accessories are individually shipped before your dolls reaches to you.

How is the doll shipped?

We ship all dolls in plain packaging in a discreet way without indications about its contents. Every doll is shipped securely with adequate padding in the package for best protection.

What can be done to cancel an order?

To cancel an order, you can just email us.

Do you have Express order service?

Yes, we offer an Express order service, under which we ensure that you get your doll within a week or two of your order.

In exceptional case, if your doll doesn’t arrives on time, the express service costs will be refunded by us with complementary gift to you.